Judge Anne Taylor

I enthusiastically recommend Jessica D'Varga receive the endorsement of the

Democratic Party to become a Franklin County Municipal Court Judge. Ms. D'Varga frequently appeared before me during the last ten years I served as a Municipal Court Judge. In fact, I told her I remembered an OVI suppression hearing she had with me several years ago -that had an interesting twist. Her client was sitting in a legally parked car, when he was approached by an officer who suspected him of OVI, even though the officer had never seen the suspect drive. Twenty years before, I suppressed the evidence from an identical stop that happened to a client of then defense attorney Michael Brandt. During my tenure, the Franklin County Court of Appeals considered two of my cases involving the same fact pattern; first reversing my decision, then affirming my decision and citing the case I relied upon both times. Jessica, correctly argued that my recent decision and the case cited by the Court of Appeals should apply to her case. I agreed, but I told her and the prosecutor--this fact pattern has a history with me.

Jessica D'Varga stands out. She has an excellent reputation as an advocate. She is a clear thinker, hard worker and a team player. She is well liked. Everyone in the court system knew we could count on her to show up and do an excellent job for her client. She teaches seminars on the law and trial tactics. T hese are skills that prepare her for a successful campaign. A Municipal Court Judge must be able to multi-task. A very busy trial lawyer who can also devote time to sharing her knowledge with other lawyers, has those skills. And, I would imagine that those lawyers would strongly support her candidacy .

Jessica D'Varga was one of the best attorneys who appeared before me. She has the legal skills, institutional knowledge and humanity to be an excellent judge. I urge you to endorse her candidacy .